Mobile website design for Screener

Design a mobile website for a stock comparison website

Screener is a powerful tool for analysing Indian stocks. It lets you screen the stock universe easily, by using smart filters & readymade screens to find stocks that match your criteria.

My responsibilities
  • Competitor analysis

  • User research

  • Information architecture

  • Wirefram

  • Prototype


Stock research websites are information dense and difficult to render on mobile browser.

Scope & constraints

This design was done as an interview challenge for Smallcase with the following assumptions

  • User is interested in investing in stocks.

  • User could have limited/expert understanding of stock market.

Competitor analysis

  • Clean design

  • Progressive disclosure of information

  • All information presented in a single page causing information overload

  • Options to buy/add to watchlist are hidden

Information architecture

User flow diagram




Key outcomes

Designed a mobile friendly website to

  • Check the stock price

  • Read related news and information about the company

  • Engage with community through discussion forum

  • Buy/sell stock

Interview Guide

Download using the link.