• Sridhar Rajendran

DesignMyx 4th edition, August 2018

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Learnings from the meetup

Attended the 4th edition of DesignMyx hosted by the UX team at Myntra on August 11, 2018.

Lots of learning and meeting new people. Some highlights from the event

  • Sahil Karkhanis, Cleartrip - "Simplicity as a driving principle in design". He spoke about the 3 models of user interaction - eCommerce funnel, Brand Pyramid and the Mental Journey of the user. The two things that stood for me was the explanation for a time slider on the Cleartrip site and the absolutely amazing presentation. I don't think there was even a "," more than was needed.

  • Pradeep Joseph, Bosch - "Small details, Big results". He spoke about working on an interesting project of monitoring cattle using IoT and sensors. Nope, you heard that right. Forget empathy for humans, this project involved understanding a cow's psychology.

Panel discussion about "User research and data"

  • Vinayak Desai, Practo - "Indian customers are evolving fast and the companies are trying to keep up".

  • Sonam singh, Microsoft - "Research is amalgamating the qualitative and quantitative data and making sense of what user wants." "Research is not an isolated activity. Everyone in the team from developers, lead and project manager need to be involved".

  • Vasant Iyer, LinkedIn - "Bots are evolving faster and soon enough they may be able to conduct user interviews."  

  • Suraj Baadkar, Myntra - "Design is a continuous process, it never ends".