• Sridhar Rajendran

Day 11 — Second attempt at crafting my portfolio

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Version 2.0 is always better than 1.0

Image credit: Pexels

After attending Sarah Doody’ course, I gained confidence in putting my thought process in a coherent manner. Armed with a decent Keynote presentation, I took a second dig at my online portfolio. The first version was a bust, so I took precautions to avoid the same mistakes.

I started off with getting the domain name right. I ditched the tongue-twisting ‘Firstname+Lastname.com’ format and went for an elegant one — http://sridhar.design/ (Thank you Porkbun for offering a discount). This time I decided to ditch WordPress. It is a nice platform to run a blog but there are very limited portfolio themes. I tried a couple of platforms preferred exclusively by designers for creating a portfolio — Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. I chose Wix at the end. Though it is far from perfect, I found it the best trade-off between the three.

I chose a simple, minimalistic theme and customised it as per my taste. I used the Medium articles I had written earlier as a base and formatted them into sections as in the Keynote presentation. Voila! Portfolio ready. I wish I had taken a screenshot of the version 1.0 so I could boast with the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. Nonetheless, my portfolio was shaping up well.

However, one big issue with Wix is the mobile webpage does not get edited automatically when you edit the Desktop page. It was quite a pain to move around the contents. I really do hope they fix it soon. It is very essential that the portfolio site renders well on mobile. A lot of hiring managers tend to check emails on their phones.

When I shared the version 2.0 with a few designers I got good feedback. 👏