Mobile website design for Screener

Designed a mobile website for a stock comparison website

UX Audit of DoodhDelivery app

Audited the app used by delivery personnel of a hyper local grocery service

Doodhwala website design

Re-designed the existing website to engage visitors and increase app downloads

Redesigned the Doodhwala app

Designed the address input flow for ease of use and efficient route scheduling

IRCTC chatbot

Designed a chatbot for checking train travel related information from IRCTC portal.

Making audio recording easy on WhatsApp

UX case study to make recording and sending audio messages easier on WhatsApp

Adding contact location in Google Maps

UX case study to simplify saving locations of phone contacts on Google Maps

Increasing course completion rates in e-learning portal

UX case study on improving course completion rates in e-learning platforms

Uber to school

UX case study on a new business idea of using Uber as a service for dropping off and picking up kids from school