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About me

People never cease to amaze me!


That’s how I have felt ever since I was a kid. 


Why do we do the things we do? And more importantly, why do we do things intentionally that harm us? 


I have contemplated these questions and filled several journals like philosophers of the East and the West. Yet the mind continues to elude, therein lies its beauty.


Or a simpler explanation is humans are predictably irrational, as Dan Ariely would say.


While this might sound chaotic to some, I think this is what makes us unique as a species.


Having worked as a researcher on several projects across domains, the one things I have deeply enjoyed is speaking with people. Not interviewing them as users but getting to know them as beings with hopes, desires, fears and a multitude of other emotions. 


Being a former developer, I am comfortable speaking <code> as well as pixels.


I am always curious to know what’s going on in people’s minds. If you are curious too, then get in touch with me and let’s find out.

Click here to download my resume.

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